why fitcore5?

You want the best for your team, and so do we.

As a coach or parent, you know that staying competitive means your players health and safety comes first.

Aside from skill building,tactical training and game preparation, you also need to build programs to help your players stay fit and injury-free year round, especially if engaged in other sports. It physically takes a lot to excel at the Beautiful Game. Soccer demands strength, power, agility, flexibility and speed. How can your help your team improve their fitness and continue to play at their individual best, and how do you track all that information for one or two teams, year after year?

A great way to monitor their fitness and conditioning levels is to run preseason or postseason fitness tests. Your players might grumble and complain about it, at first, but these fitness tests give you a great baseline of their physical levels in all areas important for playing soccer. And that data can help you build the right soccer conditioning program for each player.

Recognizing the importance of this essential need, fitcore5 was built by soccer coaches for coaches to help capture, visualize and report on the most important physical components of fitness that players need to perform as they grow and mature at all levels of the sport. 

Our mission with fitcore5 is to help your teams understand their fitness potential so you can continue to help them reach their goals.(and maybe score a few more too!)

Questions or Comments.

So there you have it. fitcore5 is built to help manage the data you need to foster the health of your players.
If you have any questions on the current fitcore5 soccer app, what's next in the pipeline, or suggestions for things you would like to see added to fitcore5, please contact Dave Koba either by e-mail, davekoba@fitcore5.com or by phone: 215-500-1788.