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The best way to record, analyze and report your teams fitness levels.

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Built for Soccer Coaches and Players

Setting fitness test protocols, capturing accurate data and creating comprehensive reports has never been easier.

Fitness Test Protocols

Select our recommended standard Soccer fitness protocol or modify based to your testing needs.

Data Recording & Analysis

Easy test recording and analysis for single or multiple teams and players from season to season.


Generate individual reports for players, and/or full team reports for coaches, and share via e-mail.


What are the 5 key fitness components for success in soccer?

Use fitcore5 to capture and score your athletes on these five core fitness components: Anthropomorphic (Body Composition), Strength & Power, Speed, Agility and Flexibility.Using fitcore5 is as easy as:

Build your team, choose your tests and record the scores

Enter your team details, set your roster, and set a test date. You're all set to record test results. Peer and team analysis are calculated as you enter the data.

Review the Scorecards and Build Team or Individual Player Reports

You can compare and review player and team results and generate full team or individual player reports.

All your team fitness data in one central location

No more need to go searching through endless directories or thumbing through notebooks. All your team, player and test data is stored locally in the application and easily searchable.

Local Data Storage

Creating and managing your data locally on your ipad allows access to the data you need even when you are offline, and also helps in accessing the data faster.

Easy Search and Navigation

Locating player or team stats and data is enabled from the search bar on every page, and navigating between pages only takes one-click.

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fitcore5: Built on the Basics

No flashing lights or trick plays, just the basics you need.
Capturing the essential elements of fitness and making that data valuable, reliable and useful for yourself and your athletes is accomplished via these four functional areas:


It all starts with your players and your teams. Coach 1 or 20, setting teams and tests is easy and straightforward.


Choose our standard protocol of tests or modify some parameters to meet your fitness testing objectives. All testing scores can be entered and edited at any time.



Review and compare fitness test graphed results per team averages or per individual player to their peers.


Build full team level reports for yourself and your technical staff, or build individual reports to share securely with each of your athletes.

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